yoga mallorca

we are offering different yoga styles for all levels. yoga means ‘union’ and is a simple but powerful method to liberate the true potential of body and mind. we are counting on a team of excellent professionals that put their focus on experience, an open mind, presence and paying individual attention to the students.

you can choose from a variation of scheduled clases and we have yoga mats, cussions and blankets at your disposition. the classes vary in between 60 and 90 minutes and prizes are in between 10 € and 15 €. you can ask the teachers for bonos and monthly pay rates. 

aside from the group classes we occasionally offer workshops & you can book individual classes in our rooms or at your house. 

please check our calendar for the recent schedule.


classes in bodhana:
every monday and wednesday 11:00 and  18:30

Her first connection with Yoga was in 1997.
Angie started daily practice in 2007.
Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification in 2010 with internationally recognised teacher Paul Dallaghan.
She is continuing her studies in India every year since, with internationally recognised teachers Sharath Jois and Ajay Kumar.
Specialised in teaching Vinyasa and Ashtanga Flow Yoga which is a dynamic marriage between internal and external worlds utilising Ujjayi breath, Drishti and Bandhas which are keys to developing inner body awareness while integrating the outer body.

Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga is a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, lightness and heaviness, movement and stillness.
Each practice it is an inner journey. It is a movement meditation with awareness and enjoyment.
Breathe deeply and don’t be attached. Watch your mind, maintain your focus and be calm even if the mind is trying to escape. Smile to yourself. Enjoy.
See you on a mat.

Angeles Perez Brena

classes in bodhana:
tuesdays and thursdays at 19:00

60 minutes of hatha yoga 



kevin mcdonell

classes in bodhana:
just private classes on request at the moment

60 minutes of gentle movement yoga 

The pace of this class is slower and is ideal for those that would like to gain a greater range of movement. Ideal for those who would like to start exercising again and those suffering with muscles and joints.
It’s a fun class with a warm and friendly group

about kevin:

Its so difficult to talk about ones self with out a sense of ego trying to wiggle its way in, or self hypnotizing the self into a fixed state or mentality, but here goes.
I am passionate about well being, but not fanatical about the particular direction we should take to achieve it. for something to be truly effective I believe our first criteria should be that we really enjoy what we are doing.
I am not a therapist, I am a teacher, so if you are interested in learning how to fix your own aches and pains or other conditions for yourself, then maybe I am the one you are looking for.
I have been immersed in yoga for nearly 24 years, I enjoy sharing what I have learned from this profound tradition, I am enthusiastic about the tools it offers and its simplicity, and am constantly amazed with its ability to help people from all cultures feel good about themselves.
Over the last few years I have been studying Myoskeletal Alignment, a form of body work that quickly restores balance to the bodies structure helping to eliminate painful symptoms, usually through the release of compressional issues relating to muscular, skeletal imbalances, causing nerve impingement. This work has radically refined and increased the effectiveness off the yoga therapy programs I offer.

So here I AM, after 45 years, still a student, still learning, much more alive, with maybe a little more to share thanks to my teachers in the formal sense and those that have presented me with their discomforts or pain, I am truly privileged and deeply grateful to you all. I now reside with my partner and daughter just outside the city of palma on the beautiful Island of mallorca.

Acharya Shambhavi Devi

Chakra Hatharudra yoga Yoga with focus on the chakras and energy flow. While doing posture and breathing exercises during class, we are aware of our chakras (energy centers). The different chakras influence our emotional and mental state. Mostly the chakras are closed due to a stressful everyday life. The consequences are blocks and tensions. By opening the chakras, the energy can flow again and the following characteristics unfold naturally: love, sincerity, equilibrium, courage, perseverance, and self-awareness.

Acharya Shambhavi Devi has practiced yoga and meditation since an early age and has gone through extensive training. In a period of working in a very demanding and stressful job as a Creative Director in various Agencys in Switzerland, she felt the need to work more deeply on her inner life, and she went to South-East-Asia to continue her yoga training. She studied with various teachers on Bali and realized that she wanted to be a yoga teacher. 

When she returned to Switzerland, she entered teacher training in the Sivananda tradition. Since completing the teacher training, she has taught yoga, pranayama and meditation for many years. 

About her teaching

Devi’s Hatha Yoga teaching, based on the Sivananda Tradition, is rooted in traditional Yoga Philosophy. In her lessons, she combines Pranayama and Asanas to find a deeper connection to the inner state. This makes it possible to go into deep relaxation during the Asanas, and to let go of physical, emotional and mental tension. Working with groups, she goes to people to individually help them improve body alignment and breathing; this helps them experience increased energy flow.

For her it is important to teach with her heart, to offer an opportunity for each student to go on a journey to the inner self, to get a deeper understanding of what lies within. In her teachings, she consciously works to help students open their heart and to cultivate a happier, better functioning mental, emotional and physical state.
in her Private Lessons she also teaches Therapeutic Yoga with a tailormade program for each student.

“I have a great passion and love for teaching Yoga and Meditation. It always gives me a new and deeper experience, which I feel is truly a blessing.”