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we are offering different yoga styles for all levels. yoga means ‘union’ and is a simple but powerful method to liberate the true potential of body and mind. we are counting on a team of excellent professionals that put their focus on experience, an open mind, presence and paying individual attention to the students.

you can choose from a variation of scheduled clases and we have yoga mats, cussions and blankets at your disposition. the classes vary in between 60 and 90 minutes and prizes are in between 10 € and 15 €. you can ask the teachers for bonos and monthly pay rates. 

aside from the group classes we occasionally offer workshops & you can book individual classes in our rooms or at your house. 

please check our calendar for the recent schedule.


classes in bodhana:
every monday and wednesday 11:00 and  18:30
vinyasa flow/ ashtanga (90 min)
Angie is currently on holidays until the beginning of january, her classes will be held by different teachers during that time.

Her first connection with Yoga was in 1997.
Angie started daily practice in 2007.
Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification in 2010 with internationally recognised teacher Paul Dallaghan.
She is continuing her studies in India every year since, with internationally recognised teachers Sharath Jois and Ajay Kumar.
Specialised in teaching Vinyasa and Ashtanga Flow Yoga which is a dynamic marriage between internal and external worlds utilising Ujjayi breath, Drishti and Bandhas which are keys to developing inner body awareness while integrating the outer body.

Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga is a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, lightness and heaviness, movement and stillness.
Each practice it is an inner journey. It is a movement meditation with awareness and enjoyment.
Breathe deeply and don’t be attached. Watch your mind, maintain your focus and be calm even if the mind is trying to escape. Smile to yourself. Enjoy.
See you on a mat.

Angeles Perez Brena

classes in bodhana:
tuesdays and thursdays at 19:00
hatha yoga (60 min)

Angeles has more than 15 years of experience, and after exploring many different styles of yoga, her favourite one to teach is hatha.
She has been giving classes at bodhana for two years.



danae borsani

classes in bodhana:
mondays and fridays at 11:00
vinyasa flow
(substituting angie during her vacation, from january onwards her class times will change)

Danae Borsani has been practicing Yoga for ten years and teaching since four.
With many practical hours teaching around the globe, studying, aiding and expanding her knowledge with influential teachers such as Jeanne Heileman. She gained extensive Yoga experience from her ongoing dedication to teaching and her internationally registered teacher trainings, completed at Yoga Works in Los Angeles and Still Flowing Yoga in Thailand.

She specializes in Vinyasa, Hatha and Tantra flow Yoga but is also passionate in studying ayurveda, the anatomy, physiology and a somatic approach to Yoga, continuing her studies whenever she can.
Yoga has become a fundamental part of her everyday life, transforming her lifestyle and allowing her to bring the knowledge to her students.

Since 2013, she has been working as a private Vinyasa Yoga teacher in Mallorca, Spain and also teaches at Bodhana as well as Earth Yoga, The Palma Sport & Tennis club and the hotel Bon Sol catering for all levels of ability.

Her aim is to motivate and inspire her students. To connect with their inner self, explore their body and mind, get familiar with the true potential and the power of Yoga. Her passion lies within teaching professionally from personal experience; combining Yoga philosophy, therapy and alignment in asana with creative and safe sequencing.


isabelle dupre

classes in bodhana:
mondays and wednesdays at 18:30
vinyasa flow
(substituting angie during her vacation, from january onwards her class times will change)

“I am a certified Pilates 200hrs. & RYT 200® Yoga Alliance teacher. I was born in Hambourg, Germany and spent most of my childhood in France. I have discovered these two disciplines in Paris where I used to work in the fashion industry as Press Officer and Editor. Over the course of the past six years, I became mother of two wonderful girls and since 2010, I live in Palma de Mallorca, where I have completed my Pilates & Yoga Teacher Trainings. I began my Pilates & Yoga path after meeting Helen Haynes, Johan Hesselink and Stéphanie Tourret-Sène in Paris. Later on, I have taken classes and workshops in Palma de Mallorca with several inspiring teachers such as Isidoro de la Cruz, Zaira Leal, Lalleshvari & Vilas Turske and Chris Chavez. My classes are a blend of Pilates and Yoga techniques, combining Pilates principles and the Universal Principles of Alignment from the Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga.
My classes can be taught in German, French, English or Spanish.”

Estela Garcia

classes in bodhana:
wednesdays at 11:00
vinyasa flow
(substituting angie during her vacation, from january onwards her class times will change)

Yoga teacher, Healer, Reiki practitioner, Massage therapist, Exctatic dancer, Shamanic studies, Freediver and Sea model.
Loves and lives life on a multidimensional level.

“I practise yoga to be able to live my life fully, to dance, to play and be free. I teach people to free themselves from illusory blocks and allow them to be who they truly are and to connects to their true essence.” 

All classes are taught in English, German and Spanish
All ages and levels welcome

Fun, dynamic yoga classes available:

Vinyasa Power Cardiovascular, strong and powerful.
Slow Flow Gentle and soft with visualisations and meditation.
Yoga Dance Trance Powerful excstatic and free style yoga/dance.

I incorporate dance in my yoga sessions to allow students to let go and open their hearts.
Following my intuition I create a different class each time, depending on the student needs and the energy of the group.

and for the boxercise classes we have:

helen metcalfe

classes in bodhana:
thursdays at 9:30
boxercise (boxing fitness) 60min

“I am a qualified and licensed Boxercise Instructor.  Boxercise combines boxing and exercise to form a fun and stress busting activity.  Boxercise is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available.  It enhances sports specific senses, including hand eye coordination, balance and timing.  It incorporates all the fitness benefits of boxing and boxing training without getting hit! 

I am also a Martial Arts Teacher and Fitness Instructor.  I have around 10 years experience and training in Martial Arts.  I have been lucky enough to have been trained by two Masters in Choi Kwang Do which is a Korean Martial Art based in self-defence.  I am a Head Instructor and School Owner at Choi Kwang Do International.  I am passionate about Martial Arts and all the health benefits they bring.  My training as a fitness instructor has also allowed me to gain a good understanding of physiology and led me to qualify as a licensed Boxercise Coach.  I have been fully trained by the founder of Boxercise to teach all aspects of boxing training including, padwork, shadow boxing, footwork and movement.


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