about bodhana

philosophie von bodhana

we are an international team, offering effective, non-toxic, natural treatments and methods to restore and maintain health and to facilitate the evolution towards greater consciousness and well-being.
our philosophy is to give an experienced, personalized and accessible service of therapies, classes, workshops and trainings, with a commitment to high standard and quality, so that both, our team and our clients, enjoy and benefit each moment the sensation of being in a space of support, consciousness, safety and presence.
we combine western with oriental techniques to enhance the unity of body, mind and soul. bodhana is continuously researching new techniques and methods to offer the best and most effective result for each individual. our energy and essence can especially be felt through our presence, flexibility and availability in treatments in our centres, also in house and boat visits and at events and group incentives.

the bodhana team …


our therapists…

…bodyworkers, masseurs, therapists and beauticians who through their love and dedication to their work, enable bodhana to flower more and more every day. they are all highly qualified and trained in therapeutical and holistic massage techniques and overall natural treatments, some are also physiotherapists, osteopaths and lymphatic drainage specialists. even though they come from different countries, schools and universities, what they all have in common is the presence and individuality with which they meet the client. most of them have been with bodhana for a long time and created a faithful clientele over the years.
our marvellous team at bodhana wellness centre puerto portals is mariana, neus, monik, patty, carol, patricia (pei), carolina, anna, lally and valeria.. our centre at balneario illetas beach club is open as every year from march till november, and our girls there are andrea, lorena, elena and patrycja among others. 

in both centres we are open 7 days a week and don’t close lunchtime.


chetana annette adelskamp …


…moved from germany to spain in 1982. after working for many years with tourism in ibiza and mallorca, her life took a different turn since her search and destiny brought her to india around 18 years ago. it has been, and still is, an incredible transformation and never ending learning and discovery of self growth and meditation.
she is sharing her experiences together with her team through ‘bodhana’s massage and wellness centres and by organising courses and activities which empower personal growth. chetana is a reflexologist and reiki master and has been trained amongst others in counseling,  primal and inner child work.
she loves facilitating guided meditations and sharing meditation days. her mantra in these days is ‘simplicity’, letting go of all that which is not needed or feels heavy; and she is also allowing herself more and more space and time in the winter season to travel beloved india, which is one of the most enrichening experiences ever.
chetana feels that it is a great gift to live and work on the island of mallorca and discovers its beauty every day anew.


Mariana has been with bodhana for 18 years. She is a masseuse, specialist in several techniques and she is also in charge of our center at balneario Illetas beach club.
she is a person who has always shown great interest in evolution, both at work and at a personal level.


my name is neus. I am a massage therapist, reflexologist, acupuncturist and I also practice reiki. since i was a little girl, im interested in the world of natural therapies, to help myself and others without side effects. i like this work a lot because you help others and people are very grateful.


My name is Monik, I am a massage therapist in several techniques, specialist in lymphatic drainage and problemzone treatments, and work at bodhana since 2009. In my family are many nurses but I wanted another way to help people and that was through my hands,  with giving massage and Reiki I found this way so I can help others and myself.


I’m patty. i was born in palma de mallorca and i am dedicated to the manual and corporal therapies since 2008. currently i work as a quiromassage therapist (2010), osteopath (2015) and do also foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage. i love this work because i feel it is a way to help people find their balance. it is very rewarding to see how they improve and i think that every person is a new challenge and learning in my professional path.


hello, i am carol. it wasn’t easy for me to find my path in life, but one day I remembered, that when I was a child, I got introduced into the world of massage by a shaman who lived close to us. without really being aware about this, he guided me and taught me conscious touch.
THis memory came back now being an adult, i discovered that i liked helping others through my hands. i arrived at bodhana, a centre that fullfilled all my expectations. every day is a new world, every client is special and every day is an adventure. to discover, feel and work in this field is what i want in my life.


hello, i’m valeria. i started to be interested in massage from very early on. my first teachers were arriving without me even realizing that they were. and so i was learning the first essential points that every body has, which help to generate strength, letting go and merge with the balance of the whole. i began to incorporate the knowledge through martial arts and then through shiatsu. the meridian system seduced me very slowly, but without pause. i arrived at palma de mallorca, where osteopathy leads me to gentle paths of readjustments and movements which accompany life.


pei (patricia)