concert in mallorca
26th of June 2024, 19:30, Auditorium Palma

Deva Premal & Miten are back in mallorca this year 2024! After the beautiful and unforgettable experience of their concerts in 2012 and 2013, we are so much looking forward to sharing another evening with an inspiring combination of mantras, songs and meditation in june.

World Tour – Singing Our Prayers 2024

In such a war-torn world, can we stand together in a celebration of life, despite the tragedies that the human race has brought upon itself? Is there still a space where we can gather with kindred spirits for joyful expression? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Deva & Miten’s gatherings.

Committed to the power of mantra, the ancient science of healing-with-sound, Deva & Miten travel the planet to bring light into a darkened world.

For thirty years, Deva and Miten have been with us, in our sacred moments, with their pristine expression of the gentle power of mantra, accompanying thousands in times of great elation as well as the depths of our deepest despair…like a gentle balm for the soul, their music gives us a reason to move forward into life, with an open heart and with a deep sense of hopefulness.

More than ever before, we need to come together to raise our voices – not in protest, but in collective and harmonious chant.

Experience the power that sustains and empowers us to rise above the struggle.
join the gatherings with Deva and Miten with their special guest Joby Baker! See you at the concert!



since 1990 Deva & Miten have released a string of albums, with worldwide sales of over one million, and their concerts have moved from yoga studios to audiences of thousands in concert halls, cathedrals & music festivals around the planet.

their music transcends all the usual musical boundaries, receiving amazing reviews from such luminaries as best-selling author Eckhart Tolle, who calls their music “pure magic.” Singer and actress Cher cites Deva’s The Essence as “My favorite CD to do yoga to.” Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama who, after hearing Deva & Miten chant his favorite mantra at a private audience, exclaimed, “Beautiful music, beautiful..!”

Deva Premal and Miten, are considered by many as the icon of mystical music and mantras. Almost all practitioners of yoga and meditation around the world have heard and felt their music.

Deva Premal was born in Germany where she grew up in a family linked to the music and the spiritual world. she grew up singing mantras as a lullaby and already in the womb of hes mother heard the ‘Gayatri mantra’. Deva had a background in classical music and taught herself Sanskrit.
she says her spiritual journey came so naturally, “I think I did not realize it until much later. But I can say that the first conscious decision about which path to choose was at the age of 10.” at 11, her search brought her to become a disciple of the enlightened mystic Osho, and later, she went to the ashram in India to study body work, including massage, shiatsu and cranio-sacral therapies.

Miten was born in London and grew up in the 60’s. In the 70’s he achieved success as a singer and composer with groups and artists like Fleetwood Mac, Lou Reed and Ry Cooder. But the rock business made him feel empty and there was no meaning in his life. so he left everything behind, even sold his guitars and joined the Osho comune in india. miten says: “Here I found a new approach to music which along with a life of communal integration, deeper relating, and Osho’s discourses and meditations, healed me from whatever wounds I’d been carrying around music, and life in general.”

In 1990, Miten and Deva met in India and soon began a journey into love and creativity that has taken their inspiring blend of song, mantra and meditation to a worldwide audience.
they say that one of the reasons why they are singing is because of the silence that is created later. “Our concerts are not like other concerts. They are a spiritual meeting. When we play together there is a great chance to feel the grace. Actually, not us, we’re just the messengers. The mantras are the message.They take us there. What we do is invite people to be vigilant about the power of the experience of singing together a mantra … The silence comes naturally, as a result. “

The main purpose of their music is “to be a gateway to meditation. Why meditate? Because without meditation and without connecting to the center of our inner silence, life is meaningless, “explains Deva and Miten.they say they do not plan to make music. “Occurs by itself, in a natural way. We sing and play the music we love. “

“Without silence, receive only half the story. The silence is there because there is in music … in fact exist everywhere. You only need to be recognized. And it’s very healing to allow us to tune with it. For me there is nothing more precious to sing with the audience overcome with happiness, and then enter the deep silence that the mantra brings … so deep, that with closed eyes really feel that no one else … all personalities dissolved by a small sacred moment ” Deva Premal

“Our music is born out of meditation and a celebration of life. It’s not a matter of entertaining people. We play to nourish a longing in the heart for that which never dies – the experience of love and meditation.” ~ Deva Premal and Miten

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