richard lindström
zen coaching & meditation


“As a Zen Coach with ten years of practicing meditation, developing personally and spiritually I have come to experience a big change in the way I relate to my body, my thoughts, my feelings and my needs. I am less attached to them now but much more aware of them so I can more easily accept the circumstances and flow through life down stream rather than try to swim upwards.”

in bodhana richard will offer classesprivate sessions and workshops about meditation.


zen coaching

“I believe that we have all the answers we seek within ourselves and the tools of Zen Coaching are used to awaken that inner guidance.

Zen Coaching is a fantastic way of getting in touch with the peace of the present moment. It calms the troubled and stressed mind by connecting to being. Zen Coaching is helping through none helping by creating a loving compassionate “holding space” where the client can feel safe and free to explore. My job as a Zen Coach is to support you in that journey of self-discovery and bring to light the benefits of living in awareness of the present moment.”


“the adventure of now” meditation workshops

In this four hour workshop Richard will guide us in the present moment with different meditation techniques and inquiry
sessions to connect to our inner essence.

This workshop is for everyone.

If you have had a lot of experience with meditation this can be a day of inspiration. If this is your first time it can be a beginning of something new and exciting.
Everyone is welcome!
By practicing meditation and being aware of the present moment in our daily life, has many benefits; it reduces stress, makes us more alert and we often have the feeling of being more alive.

”I believe we all have the answers we seek inside ourselves.
Sometimes we need support from people with experience, but if
we learn to observe and be still, the answers will come.”