meditationen taegliches leben

bewusstsein im alltag

in the morning:
the laughter meditation

stage 1 (5min -60min): laughter
stage 2 (15min – 15min): sit with eyes closed and remain a witness to the mind, body and emotions. at every opportunity bring your awareness to the gap between the in-breath and out-breath at the navel area.

in the bathroom:
making faces

duration: 5-10 min
step 1: sit in your bed and start making faces – just as small children do good, bad, ugly, and beautiful – so the whole face and the musculature start moving. “at the same time make nonsense sounds and sway.”
step 2: go to sleep.
step 3: ”in the morning before you take your bath, again stand before the mirror and for ten minutes make faces. standing before the mirror will help more: you will be able to see and you will be able to respond.”

in the car or bus or train:
touching as a feather

when: do it many times during the day. especially when you are working a lot on the computer.
duration: even for a moment is good but as a meditation at least 40 minutes.
just sitting on a chair, on a bus, passenger seat of a car etc, close your eyes and put your palms lightly on your eyes, without pressing.
“in a relaxed mind thoughts cannot move: they get frozen. they live through tension. so when the eyes are still, and the energy moves inwards, thoughts will stop. you will feel a certain euphoria that will deepen daily.”

becoming one with the car

when : in the car ( not driving)

let your body move along with the movements of the car, be loose, become the car

in the office:
neutral gear

when: “whenever you are doing something…for example, you are meditating and now you want to do something else.
“after you stop meditating, for 5 minutes simply exhale deeply, as possible. then let the body inhale, don’t you inhale. have a feeling that you are throwing out everything that was in the mind and in the body and in the system. do this for just 5 minutes, then start doing some other work, and immediately you will feel you have changed.

include everything in your being

technique to become one with the whole.

stage 1
sitting, feeling, breath, body, mind. including all, no division. i am, i am everything. no centre.

stage 2
look around – at people, structure, outside at plants, sky. close eyes, feeling this is all included in me.

stage 3
dance including & expanding, including & expanding include commune, pune, india, planet, universe expand & include. merging.

stage 4
sit, lie silently, allowing this feeling of expansion to move within.
in the waiting room:

inner smile

or when: whenever you are sitting with nothing to do

step 1: breathe from the mouth
“relax the lower jaw and let your mouth open just slightly. start breathing from the mouth, but not deeply. just let the body breath so it becomes more and more shallow. and when you feel that the breath has become very shallow and your mouth is open and jaw relaxed, your whole body will feel very relaxed.”

step 2: feel a smile
“in that moment, start feeling a smile—not on your face but all over your being—and you will be able to. it is not a smile that comes on the lips; it is an existential smile that spreads just inside. try and you will know what it is, because it cannot be explained. no need to smile with your lips on your face but just as if you are smiling from the belly, the belly is smiling.

“and it is a smile, not a laugh, so it is very very soft, delicate, fragile—like a small rose opening in the belly and the fragrance spreading all over the body.

“once you have known what this smile is you can remain happy for 24 hours. and whenever you feel that you are missing that happiness, just close your eyes and catch hold of that smile again, and it will be there. in the daytime as many times as you want you can catch hold of it. it is always there.”

watching the breath

breath-watching is a method that can be done anywhere, at any time, even if you have only a few minutes available. you can simply watch the rise and fall of your chest or belly as the breath comes in and goes out, or try this version….

step 1: watch the in breath
close your eyes and start watching your breath. first, the inhalation, from where it enters your nostrils, right down into your lungs.

step 2: watch the gap that follows
at the end of the inhalation there is gap, before the exhalation starts. it is of immense value. watch that gap.

step 3: watch the out breath
now watch the exhalation.

step 4: watch the gap that follows
at the end of the exhalation there is a second gap: watch that gap. do these four steps for two to three times – just watching the breathing cycle, not changing it in anyway, just watching the natural rhythm.

step 5: counting in breaths
now start counting: inhalation – count 1 (don’t count the exhalation), inhalation – 2, and so on, up to 10. then count from 10 back to 1. sometimes you may forget to watch the breath or you may count beyond 10. then start again, at 1.

in the kitchen:
breath & thoughts

part 1

step1: keep the happy rhythm
“when you feel happy, silent and joyous, remember the rhythm of the breathing. next time anger comes, don’t allow the breathing to change; retain the rhythm of breathing as if you are happy.

part 2:

step 1: big breath out
“whenever you feel the mind is not tranquil–tense, worried, chattering, anxious or constantly dreaming—exhale deeply. always start by exhaling: throw the air out. with the throwing of the air the mood will be thrown out, because breathing is everything.

step 2: hold the breathe out….
“take the belly in and keep it in for a few seconds — don’t inhale. let the air be out and don’t inhale for a few seconds. then allow the body to inhale. inhale deeply — as much as you can.

step 3: hold the breath in…
“again stop for a few seconds. if you held the breath out for 3 seconds, keep the breath in for 3 seconds. throw it out; retain it for 3 seconds. take it in; retain it for 3 seconds. but is has to be thrown out completely. exhale totally and inhale totally. make a rhythm: retain, in; retain, out. retain, in; retain, out.

step 4: keep a record
“for 7 days make a diary of your moods. for example, if you are feeling very happy, note down how many breaths you take per minute, the length of the exhalation, the inhalation, and the pause between them.

step 5: choose your mood!
“now you can work it out: whenever you want to drop a mood, just use the opposite pattern. or if you want to create a certain mood, then use the appropriate breathing pattern.

tasting from the heart

(can be done with partner as well)
choose a delicious fruit. sit comfortable, close your eyes.
feel your chest expanding and relaxing as you breathe. place one hand on your heart and feel your mouth and your tongue directly connected with it.
allow your mouth to became very sensitive
put a piece of fruit into your mouth, chew slowly and let the taste to explode on your tongue. feel the life energy of the fruit entering your body.
swallow slowly, receiving all sensations in your heart.


when: ¨at least 6 times a day—more but not less. it has to be done suddenly.
“walking on the street, doing anything, suddenly remember yourself, and stop — stop completely, no movement, and just be present to whatever is happening. then start moving again.

from thinking to feeling through breath

when: in the day as many times as you remember.

step 1: let life in
“just take a deep breath. feel it hitting just in the middle of the chest. feel as if the whole existence is pouring into you, into your heart. exactly where the heart center is differs with different people¨ordinarily it is leaning to the right. it has nothing to do with the physical heart, it is a totally different thing; it belongs to the subtle body.
“so breathe deeply, and whenever you do, do it at least 5 times – deep breaths; take it in, fill the heart. just feel in the heart center that existence is pouring through vitality, life….everything pouring in.

step 2: let the heart exhale
“now exhale deeply, again from the heart, and feel you are pouring all that has been given to you back into existence.
“do it many times in the day, but whenever you do it do 5 breaths at once.

to change your state of mind

“the earlobes are very important acupuncture points”
when: when you are feeling sad, worried, downcast or angry.
step 1: “ear ´ear!
pierce your ears (no, just joking!)
“hold your ear lobes and rub them hard. you will find a change in your state of mind.”

shifting weight

(good for grounding or moving to male or female side)

at night:
prayer meditation

first stage: raise both your hands towards the sky, palms uppermost, head up, just feeling existence flowing in you. as the energy or prana flows down your arms you will feel a gentle tremor – be like a leaf in the breeze, trembling. allow it, help it. then let your whole body vibrate with energy and just let whatever happens happen.
second stage: after two or three minutes, or whenever you feel completely filled, lean down to the earth and kiss it. you simply become a vehicle to allow the divine energy to unite with that of the earth.
these two stages should be repeated six more times so that each of the charkas can become unblocked. more times can be done but if you do it less you will feel restless and unable to sleep.

the secret of the golden flower

you lie down
breathing in, let golden light come into you through your head, because it is there that the golden flower is waiting. that golden light will help. it will cleanse your whole body and will make it absolutely full of creativity. this is male energy.
then when you exhale, let darkness, the darkest you can conceive, like a dark night, river-like, come from your toes upward – this is feminine energy: it will soothe you, it will make you receptive, it will calm you, it will give you rest – and let it go out of the head. then inhale again, and golden light enters in.

the art of let go

when: every night
step 1: start with the body-before sleep comes start watching with closed eyes the energy from your there some tension?

step 2: relax the tense bits-don’t move from that point unless you feel relaxation

step 3: the hands- they are connected to your mind

step 4: mind- when the whole body is relaxed, the mind is already 90%relaxed-simpply watch it and just by watcheing the clouds will disappear.

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