activities in ‘buddha tent’

activities in ‘buddha hall’

thursday 2th of june
16:30 arrival & accommodation 17:15 class: 5 RYTHMS
18:30 welcome & introduction
19:00 OSHO kundalini meditation 19:00 class: energy flow yoga
20:15 dinner
21:30 mantras, live music, dance & celebration   22:30 OSHO gourishankar meditation
friday 3th of june
07:30 class: sound yoga 07:30 OSHO dynamic meditation
08:30 breakfast
09:30 class: soul motion 10:00 workshop: presence in the touch
11:45 workshop: healing with symbols & water 12:30 vipassana meditation
13:15 lunch
14:00 OSHO nadabrahma meditation
15:30 class: yoga
17:30 OSHO kundalini meditation 17:00 workshop: OSHO pulsation
19:00 ‘EVENING MEETING’ with live music
(dance, silence and dvd with osho discourse)
20:15 dinner
21:15 PRAFUL LIVE music meditation
22:15 AUM meditation 22:30 SOUND BATH 
saturday 4th of june
07:30 class: vyayam yoga 07:30 OSHO dynamic meditation
08:30 breakfast
09:45 workshop:  DIMENSIONS OF BEING – A DOORWAY TO ESSENCE 10:00 chakra breathing meditation with live music
12:00 MANTRA SATSANG with praful & musicians 11:30 zazen meditation
13:15 lunch
14:45 workshop: CIRCLE of WOMEN 14:45 workshop: CIRCLE of MEN
17:00 OSHO kundalini meditation 17:15 workshop: PATTERNS OF LOVE
19:00 ‘EVENING MEETING’ with live music
(dance, silence and dvd with osho discourse)
20:15 dinner
21:15 mini concerts & live music, dance 22:00 meditation out of the book of secrets
sunday 5th of june
07:30 class: yoga 07:30 OSHO dynamic meditation
08:30 breakfast
09:30 workshop: SHAMANIC CONSTELLATIONS 10:00 OSHO no dimension meditation
11:30 workshop: BEING A BUDDHA
12:15 OSHO nataraj meditation
(with live music)
13:30 lunch
15:00 workshop: TANTRA – THE FIRE OF YOUR PRESENCE 15:30 OSHO nadabrahma meditation
17:00 OSHO kundalini meditation 17:00 class: sridaiva bowspring yoga
18:00 closing celebration
+34 971 676469 – – – +34 639 935776

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