kirtan and mantra circles

very often we meet to sing mantras and meditate, most of the time with live music and a special guest singer or musician.

don’t worry if you’ve never sung or meditated before, the most important is the energy that is created by repeating mantras with a group of people, and is especially magical with live music. it is an easy way to experience relaxation, unload the chatterbox and empty the mind.

kirtan provides deep states of meditation, being alert and relaxed at the same time, making it a fun and exciting process. when a group gets together to sing and share sacred mantras is both very energizing and intense. effortlessly, our chattering minds are silenced and a state of stillness and shared happiness is felt by all.

all spiritual traditions are welcome, there is no focus on one single teacher, master or teaching. by joining to sing, we honor all teachers and traditions that each person in the group feels closest in their hearts.

mantras are sacred chants which are rooted in the teachings of the ancient wisdom of the universal vedas. lmantras are sounds that have been released by the sages and yogis of ancient india, while in states of deep meditation. these sounds became the sanskrit language. the word mantra in sanskrit means “that which liberates us from the mind.”
chanting mantras also establishes certain breathing guidelines known as pranayama, which in turn has a very positive and profound effect on the mind and body. the fastest way to calm and quiet the mind, is through breathing.
mantras are sounds that have a profound effect on our universal and body-mind-spirit, and also influences  our environment on all levels. their sound vibrations can soothe and stabilize in sub-cellular levels, opening roads blocked energy and restore harmonious and balanced flow of energy.

check our calendar for the next kirtan mantra singing mallorca date in bodhana wellness centre here