dia chira
working with angels

natural therapies have been an essential part in Dia Chira’s life for many years. she is a Certified Essential Oil Specialist, Flower Therapy Healer, Angel Intuitive, Certified Crystal Reader and AromaYoga teacher. During her sessions, she likes to combine the different therapies to achieve the full effectiveness.

in bodhana she will offer private sessions of:
*angel messages tarot reading
*emotional release with angels
*essential oils and chakra cleaning

Dia will also facilitate workshops and insights into:
*meeting your guardian angels  (next workshop: saturday 10. june ’17)
*getting in touch with the qualities that each archangel represents
*understanding angels and fairies
*essential oil and flower therapy.



These celestial beings who are the egoless messengers of God, are here for us to help us in every possible way. They are with us every second and surround us with their unconditional love. By inviting them into our lives they can help us live an easier, happier life, with more joy and wellness, abundance and beauty.

All we have to do is ask!


essential oil and flower therapy

Each of the flowers has a unique energy and healing property, magnificent qualities that are used during the sessions to achieve beneficial effects by clearing and balancing our chakras. They also help us manifest our dreams, desires and enrich our everyday life.